Money exchange in Thailand – What you need to know before travelling

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Thailand is gaining immense popularity in terms of tourism and travel. It is becoming an eminent hub to visit among tourists because of the preciousness of Thai culture. The arena of exchanging cash is still a little complicated here for foreigners. Usually, a good amount of exchange rates and interests are charged in order to get cash advance.

Withdrawing cash advance at ATMs is a little costly for the foreigners. They are charged high withdrawal fees for each time they make a visit to an ATM. Here currency exchange fees are quite high. 220 Baht is charged from the user at the ATM for transferring different currencies into baht currency.

Best ways to withdraw money in Thailand

  • Krungsri Bank

Where there is a problem, there is a solution as well. It seems an uphill task to withdraw cash advance without interest rates but that is possible. One needs to grasp the mediums and guidelines well in order to do that.  Krungsri Bank is one of the finest mediums to form a settled bank in Thailand. From here, one can withdraw cash advance without falling prey to high interests. It charges withdrawal fees of ฿200 but it allows withdrawing of amount ฿30000 which is quite more than the other basic banks. It will save your money and will help you in recouping with high-interest rates.

  • Street currency exchange

The existing currency office exchange rate in Thailand stands at 42 Baht. One more impeccable way to exchange cash advances without high interests is street cash exchange. It might sound a little risky but if taken in cognizance with perfection then that might be beneficial for you. Thai banks and ATMs charge high exchange rates whereas the streets exchange is minimal and quite cost-saving. This might 0rove the best way to get some cash advance in hand to curb the interest rates proficiently.

  • Other ways.

Exchanging your currency into that currency can be procured at airports also. Airports allow the best exchange rate to foreigners. They are quite minimal and realistic as compared to the exchange rates laid down by the Thai banks.

AEON banks are quite good at extending advances at minimal interests. One can save a good chunk of money by resorting them as an option to withdraw money. They charge only 150 baht for each withdrawn whereas ATMs will cost you around 220 bahts that are high. Avoid high-interest rates and make AEON banks your alternative to withdraw cash advance when you are in Thailand.

The hotels and stores also provide good exchange rates to foreigners. It means every time you do not need Thai currency in shops and stores.  The best and most organized manner to save your money and avoid high interest is to limit the number of withdrawals. Use your money wisely when you are on holiday in Thailand. This will help you in preventing withdrawing money again and again and paying high-interest charges by banks and ATMs.

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